Can Hyrule's destiny

really depend on such a lazy boy?!

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You can beat Majora’s Mask in one three day cycle after obtaining the ocarina

- Ignore anything not crucial in getting to Majora. This includes side-quests,

unnecessary masks, getting dungeon maps / compasses, exploring, etc. You

should get three bottles for the eggs, though. You should also do enough of

the Anju-Kafei sequence to get the free Chateau Romani and extra bottle.

Also, you can’t get the FD Mask because you can’t get all 20 masks in time.

- You MUST use the Inverted Song of Time to slow down time.

- Don’t forget to buy Bombs, deku sticks, and any other essential items before

you begin.

- Start a new game and go through the first three day sequence, then use the

Song of Time ONLY ONCE to return to Dawn of the First Day. From here, you

cannot use the Song of Time any more. You must do the entire game in three


- Immediately run and get the Red Potion and give it to Koume. Run to the Deku

Palace and learn the Sonata of Awakening. Quickly make your way to Woodfall


- Get the Hero’s Bow, then get out of there.

- Break through the ice to get to Snowhead.

- Talk to the Goron Baby.

- Get the Lens of Truth.

- Follow Darmani, get the Goron Mask, get hot water, thaw the elder, learn the

Lullaby Intro.

- Learn the Goron Lullaby, enter Snowhead.

- Get Fire Arrows, then skip Ghot and return to the Goron Village and become

powder keg certified.

- Return to Clock Town at some point at the right time and arrange to meet

with Anju at night. Go to Milk Road and bomb the boulder, then get Epona.


- Then you must use Epona to get to the graveyard, get the Captain’s Hat, then

enter the grave and learn the Song of Storms.

- After that, return and beat Odowla and Ghot, and don’t forget to meet with

Anju, then mail her letter. You should also teach the scarecrow a song.

- Get the bottle by winning the goron race.

- Get the Zora Mask, then gather all the eggs at the Pirates’ Fortress (don’t

forget to get the Stone Mask to make it go faster).

- Once you have the hookshot and the Scarecrow Song, get the bottle from the

Beaver Brothers.

- Show the picture to the fisherman, then get the three remaining eggs from

Pinnacle Rock.

- Learn the New Wave Bossa Nova, then enter the Great Bay Temple.

- Beat Gyorg, then return and talk to Kafei. Later, get the letter from the

Curiosity Shop owner and deliver it to Madame Aroma to get the Chateau


- Go to Ikana and get the Mirror Shield and learn the Elegy of Emptiness.

- Enter the Stone Tower Temple and beat Twinmold using the Chateau Romani.

- Immediately warp back to town and climb the stairs in the Clock Tower.

- Go to the moon and don’t bother with the mini-dungeons since you don’t have

the masks. Defeat Majora.


Zelda Facts

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, was the first Zelda game to introduce the Master Sword, Heart Pieces, a member of Link’s family, the standardized Zelda logo (Japan would start using it with Ocarina of Time), Kakariko village and Lake Hylia debut in this game, cuccos take revenge upon being attacked too much, and where Zelda’s standard pink and white dress is used that would later be used as the design for future Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past left an enduring legacy that has become the basis for many (and in some cases all) future Zelda games.


Zelda Facts